Kamis, 24 April 2008

Nokia 6500 Classic Hidden Tips and Tricks

I have been using my Nokia 6500 Classic for some time. I bought it after registering SingTel CIS (Corporate Individual Scheme) mobile postpaid plan for a S$14 per month - they said the usual price is S$29.96.

I found some useful things that are hidden in this phone. I also discovered many other hidden feature common to the Symbian Series 40 used by many new Nokia phones, including Nokia 6500. Some of them are:
1. Set Volume
Setting the volume is not as easy as standard Nokia phone, which can be done by pressing the side button since this model does not have a single side button. To set the volume, you need to make a phone call and once the call is connected, you can press navigation button up or down to adjust the voice volume
2. Press and hold a button for numeric output
In messaging, while creating a new message, you may just need to press and hold one of the numeric keypad to produce number. Pressing and holding key '1' for about 2 seconds will generate '1' on the messaging screen. Number mode can also be set by press-and-holding '#' button, which is beneficial if you need to write many numbers in a row
3. Press '0' key 3 times for an 'Enter'
Return character for a new line can be generated by pressing '0' key for 3 times
4. Insert Number
Old Nokia phones are famous for their 'insert number' feature, to copy a number from phonebook to new message. This feature is not so obvious on the new models. It is hidden in the Option » Insert Contact Detail. Symbian actually provides feature to 'Insert Business Card', but it will change the message format from SMS to MMS that generally costs more.

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